Friday, 4 September 2009

By Means of an Introduction

Ok, so I hope that my profile (top right) will accurately set your expectations as to the tone of voice you will hear coming from this tiny corner of the blogosphere. In terms of content you can expect the following types of post:

  1. Self-indulgent and wallowing analysis of my own (lamentable) performances as my chess season progresses both online and over-the-board
  2. Some “special guest” posts providing decidedly absurd, and hopefully, amusing, commentaries on games from the “anals”
  3. Randomly themed offbeat strands of chess related conversation posted with the aim of gathering opinion and provoking amusing “tete-a-tete"
  4. Links to any chess humour that I stumble across on the internet and am not clever enough to have thought of myself

If I can dream up any other creative ways to help you, the reader spend more time thinking about chess than you reasonably ought to then I will. Always remember, the basic premise here, “if chess is heroin then this blog will be my methadone”. In other words, reading this blog won’t be as much fun as playing chess but hopefully it will be diverting enough to take your mind off the fact that you aren’t playing it right now. Also, remember that like any good group therapy session it will work much better if you all join in!


Nick said...

Very nice "Intermezzo" I will add this to my favourites. See you Monday, I hope more people will look at this it has the potential to be really good!


Polly said...

Welcome to the chess blogosphere. Your description of chess bloggers is pretty much spot on. I just came across your blog after reading the comment left on BDK's blog. I've perused through what you've written so far. Very nice.

Stop in for a visit though right now I'm having a bit of writer's block, so a little wild life photography is filling at the moment.